New LESSONS, All Over Again.

The next chapter of LESSONS has begun.

After several years of one of Australia's top boutiques, LESSONS has made the move to a new premium location, the State Buildings ( based in Perth, WA.

This premier landmark and space in Australia also houses the Como The Treasury luxury hotel (voted the #1 Best Hotel in Australia and #2 Best Hotel in the World by Conde Nast). 

LESSONS has joined the State Buildings' carefully curated businesses as the only in-house fashion boutique. 

Working with a well-known and specialist International interior designer, the LESSONS team have created an intimate space with elevated elements of the first ever LESSONS boutique, including the infamous cage.

With a centrepiece as the focal point of this new boutique, this stand-out piece was made to create a journey for the customer as they enter the store, having to navigate around it and interact with the space. 

The space is designed to host only a curated selection of products at any one time, allowing the selections to be updated regularly, and creating a space is ever-changing and engaging.  

With this new boutique, also comes a new and more personalised offering. LESSONS now offers one-on-one in-store appointments led by their expert Personal Shoppers. You can now book an appointment with any of our team, and arrive at your appointment to find a curated selection of products catered just to you.

LESSONS Personal Shoppers are available to assist in establishing clients' looks, to updating wardrobes, and even just helping with simple purchases - they take care of the hard work for clients in a complimentary service, free of charge, which is open to any and all clients. This new service can be booked directly via our website

Visit LESSONS at the State Buildings today for your personal experience.