Our Story

{Phase 1}
LESSONS began its journey in 2014 in Western Australia with the clear intention of becoming an
internationally recognised boutique carrying world-renowned Designers. Over the course of seven years, LESSONS became the home of some of the world’s most sought-after brands including;
Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Jacquemus, Acne Studios, Off-White, Versace, Balmain and more.

{Phase 2}
In 2020, LESSONS relocated its flagship boutique to the iconic precinct the State Buildings; this new home aligned the LESSONS brand with the most premium destination in the Perth CBD.
As LESSONS settled into its new home navigating the issues which the global
pandemic brought to the fashion industry across the globe became paramount. This time gave LESSONS the time to reflect on its journey, as well as its future... and as reflection took place, the focus began to shift. Thus began a two-year-long journey of self discovery & reflection which evolved into the creation of;
‘LESSONS Lounge’. 

{Phase 3}
LESSONS Lounge started as a challenge - to produce stay-at-home sets, start-to-finish wholly made in Western Australia, without compromising fit or quality. Although at the time this seemed to be an easy feat, the team soon discovered how much of a challenge it actually was... and so began the task of expanding the LESSONS family to consist of local pattern-makers, seamstresses, printers, embroiderers and manufacturers.

{Phase 4}
As of June 2022, LESSONS is proud to be able to offer a curated range of comfortable and affordable ready-to-wear garments manufactured from start-to-finish in Western Australia;

 ‘From the bed to bar & back, we welcome the introduction of LESSONS Lounge’.
This new offering has dramatically repositioned LESSONS, and sees it now aligning with the team's core values of becoming a positively conscious brand and a sustainable business.
{Phase 5}
On November 28, 2022, LESSONS announced its extended hiatus from the world of fashion after being an integral part of it for nearly a decade. The team is forever grateful to the designers they have worked with, the teams behind the brands, their production team, their in-store stylists, and the community across the globe who have allowed them to live out their dream.
...the next chapter...

With love.