Positively Conscious

Being a positively conscious brand is at the forefront of LESSONS' values.
LESSONS Lounge adheres to this value of being positively conscious by fulfilling the following goals;

+ Designed in Western Australia
+ Manufactured in Western Australia
+ Patterns produced in Western Australia
+ Screen-printing & Embroidery done in Western Australia
+ Accessories & Footwear produced in Australia
+ Seamstresses paid above Award Rates
+ Reduced wastage by producing limited quantities for the local market
+ Small Boutique footprint to reduce energy consumption (65sqm)
We source our fabrics with Fair Trade & Sustainability as the utmost priority, all fabric purchases align with our core values listed below;
+ Creating opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers
+ All fabric off-cuts donated to a local company which uses them for the filling of boxing bags
+ Ensuring no Child Labour and/or Forced Labour is used in the production of fabrics
Our Manufacturing in Western Australia is a ‘start-to-finish’ process,
which means all garments are cut, sewn and assembled fully in WA.